Screen Printing

Letterpress Printing / Offset Printing

Control panel used on remote controller.

Mostly made by PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

Embossing, braille on buttons, 3D hot bending are possible.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/Transparent Nameplate

Light-resist ink which is difficult to be affected by
ultraviolet light is used.

We use optical apperarance inspection machine to
inspect transparent part on nameplate.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/3D Control Panel

Used as control panel in different home electronics and machines.
The panel sheet is shaped according to curved surface of the adherend.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/IMD Molding Design Film

Design film which manufactured by special material for In mould forming (Base material, ink, binder). Gold, silver, pearl color, concave convex appearance pattern are also available.

In mould decoration(IMD) technology: Design film place inside the mould . After injecting plastic into the mould , the final product with design film transferred to its surface will be done.

concave-convex appearance , imitate etching metal surface are available which can present luxurious.
Also we can suggest the most suitable adhesive depends on the adherend material.

An example of usage : touch screen ordering system.

Overlay sheet is a protective sheet for touch screen controller surface.

We decorate the frame by technology such as mat surface processing or logo printing.

Overlay sheet is applied to industrial machines controller, also you will find it in conveyor belt sushi restaurant, such as touch screen ordering system.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/Sticker for Vehicle

Designed for outdoor usage with weather resistance.
Also available for sticking on curved surface.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/Label for Outdoor

We can suggest suitable material and printing method which meet the requirement for using in outdoor condition and durable years.
Laser printing is also available.

Home/Product/Screen Printing/Membrane Switch

Membrane switch (Key sheet/sheet switch) is assembled with surface panel, circuit sheet, adhesive sheet. Screen printing and press technology are also applied.

After receiving design requirement from customers, we will start on the specification confirmation like pattern routing and contact structure design.

Emboss type and metal dome type are available.

Depends on MOQ it is possible to be done with lower cost than mechanical switch.

Label which shows “Caution”, “Warning” or “Instructions” for industrial machines.
Also being used to distinguish parts in manufacturing industry.

Applicable to Letterpress printing or offset printing, depends on design requirement. Both printing technique can express photographic design bright and vivid.

Depends on pasting area, we can customize adhesive area
and adhesiveness of labels

Swipe the label sideways.

Using customized material helps to
cover the original words completely.

After you remove the label, letters will be left on the adherend , to prevent reuse of the same label.

Depends on customers need, we will choose appropriate printing method, and adjust the color until it fulfill customer’s request.

Home/Product/Letterpress Printing Offset Printing/Operating Manual & Caution Label

Operating Manual Label

Operating Manual & Caution Label