Have you faced ‘Barrier of Language’ when doing business in foreign countries?

Cannot understand nuance of language

Factory staffs fail to understand detailed requests

Cannot understand meanings of technical terms

Factory staffs understand our requests in different way

Worrying whether your words being translated correctly or not

Fail to understand each others language

Our sales engineers familiar to printing industry will help to breakthrough the “Barrier of Language”

Our sales engineers can handle Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese and Korean.

Each of them speaks at least 2 different languages.

Being able to understand nuance of language and intuitive expression, enhance smooth communication between customer and factory.

Choosing factory which considers customers’ concern

We cooperate with several factories in South-China District.

We know every strong field of each partner factories,
hence we can make the most satisfied choice of factory which considers customers’ needs, product specification and difficulties.

Never leave responsibility to factory only

Our sales engineers grasp every requirement of our customers, and present in every manufacturing step like sample color matching if necessary.

And we confirm if everything satisfies customers’ needs by ourselves but not leave to factory only.

Besides to maintain good performance, we perform quality-improvement meeting with factory regularly to concern any space to improve, like the QC process table.